Dr Lisa Cameron MP Commends Cancer Charity Efforts


Dr Lisa Cameron MP visited Beatson Institute cancer research last week where scientists are carrying out research to beat cancer sooner through world-class research.

The institute highlighted how factors such as obesity and smoking are still main causes of cancer for people in East Kilbride. An estimated 71% of Lanarkshire are overweight or obese with that number set to increase over the years.

Lisa said:

“Cancer affects 1 in 2 of us in the UK and it is so important that research units like the Beatson Institute continue this vital work in research to combat cancer.

We can also make small efforts in our own lives to prevent cancer- stopping smoking or becoming more active can seriously improve your physical and mental health.”

Every year, around 31,700 people in Scotland are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer Research UK funds vital research and clinical trials and supports the work of doctors, nurses and scientists in Scotland, including in Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

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