Dr Lisa Cameron MP praises local furniture company


Dr Lisa Cameron visited local company EK Furniture and commended their principled approach to business.

The furniture store have a strong ethos of ethical business practice. They are a living wage employer and where possible use responsibly sourced wood and upcycled materials.

Lisa said, “Protecting the planet from deforestation is crucial so to see a local company championing eco-friendly sourcing of their materials, especially wood.

“Using reclaimed resources gives the products that are being made a unique charm and a back story, so being ethical really pays off.

“I commend EK furniture for being a living wage employer, I urge other local companies to do the same.”

Michelle Minto of EK Furniture said: “We are a company who are proud to support and work in partnership with companies from around the world who use only use sustainable sources for their woods and materials.”

The company make bespoke items such as tea light candle holders made from reclaimed Corain from the Scottish Parliamentary building in 2004 at Holyrood.

The company has recently opened a new premises in Kelvin Industrial Estate and has business links as far as Indonesia.

For more information visit their website:

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