Group Gives Dogs a Voice in Westminster

Cross-party MPs join forces for All-Party Parliamentary Dogs Advisory Welfare Group

LONDON, September: Last week saw the election of Chair and Officers of the All-Party Parliamentary Dogs Advisory Welfare Group (APDAWG) in Westminster.

APDAWG’s mission is to host regular meetings in Parliament to explore, highlight, discuss, and challenge dog-related activities, legislation, and trends with the overall aim of improving the health and welfare of the UK’s dogs and dog owners, and society in general.

Earlier this year APDAWG, which works closely with the Association of Lawyers for Animal Welfare (ALAW), held its inaugural meeting to discuss the immediate banning of pet shop puppies, in which Dogs Trust, Blue Cross, and Battersea Dogs & Cats Home were invited to explain why they refuse to support such a ban.

APDAWG’s new Chair Dr Lisa Cameron (SNP) is joined by SNP colleague John McNally MP, as well as cross-party Officers Sir Roger Gale MP (Conservative), Sir David Amess MP (Conservative), Dr Matthew Offord MP (Conservative), Andrea Jenkyns MP (Conservative), and Chris Williamson MP (Labour).

Dr Cameron MP, herself a proud owner of rescued French bulldog Rossi, said “I am delighted to be the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Dog Advisory Welfare Group, there is vital work to be done to ensure an end to puppy farming and to create policies that adequately punish those involved in heinous acts of dog fighting. The public are a nation of dog lovers and the overwhelming majority support this work of our APPG.”

As well as parliamentarians the meeting was also attended by campaigners and organisations keen to improve the lives of dogs in the UK and beyond. For updates and information about APDAWG’s next meeting please follow @APDAWG1 on Twitter.

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