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Dr Lisa Cameron MP, EK News 1/08/18.


Prime Minister survives.. but for how long.

Parliament is now in recess after a chaotic final two weeks that saw Theresa May- who can now attest to be the Gloria  Gaynor of politics at least until September and continues in her leadership, after a number of near misses and then a Commons defeat. The defeat was in relation to the vote that the UK should remain an active participant in the European Union medicines agency following Brexit to potentially avert a cliff edge places  crisis in our NHS and pharmaceutical industry, affecting patients.

Across all of those who voted for Brexit ,I doubt that many did so intentionally thinking that it may impact negatively at any time upon future healthcare for themselves and their love ones- so that’s Commons defeat for the UK government was particularly welcome.  At this stage, the type of Brexit we will have remains a mystery whilst its potential adverse impact  upon our economy, jobs and livelihoods draws ever closer.  We are now apparently  to stockpile food and essentials in crisis preparation. The Chequers plan that took  2 years for the Tory government to announce has already been sent back for revision, both by the EU and by its own party, triggering  key resignations at cabinet level.

Labours policy on Brexit feels like shifting sands with few people able to discern their alternative vision. The only thing that has saved the Tory government from defeat on the Brexit plan was  in fact Labour party mp’s voting with the Tories and the two Liberal Democrats , including the current and previous party leaders failing to vote.

Before the recess, I was pleased to be able to question the Prime Minister myself on Nato and Brexit and then the leader of the house, Andrea Leadsom, on the campaign I launched in December for Lucy’s law: to end third party puppy sales in pet shops and via puppy farms. I am pleased that the Secretary of State is now publishing his response on this legislation during Summer.

Meanwhile, the other significant issue that has rocked Westminster in recent weeks are allegations of anti-Semitism with the Labour Party voiced by its own MPs. This is an issue that must be dealt with via strong political leadership across all parties,  anti-Semitism and any kind of religious or racial tolerance must never be condoned because that normalises it within politics and then society. I recall my father telling the years ago about Jewish members of our extended family who lived in Germany, having to escape from Dresden, and the absolute terror felt during those times.

Millions were  targeted, ostracised politically, harassed and victimised with the final aim of extermination because of baseless discrimination. Others knew what was happening but did not speak out,  Complicit by their lack of action. Our UK Armed Forces went on to fight and liberate Europe and the world from `nazism with many local constituent’s family members giving their lives to save our  democracy. When we are remembering their sacrifice, we must also recognise their expectation that we learn lessons from the past, manifesting in zero tolerance to anti-Semitism and discriminatory hatred of all kinds..



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