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Strathaven Echoes 04/08/18


At Westminster, just before recess, I was pleased to be able to question the Prime Minister on two occasions, on NATO and then the arrangements for our important services industry post Brexit.  I then questioned the Leader of the House, Andrea Leadsom, on the campaign that I launched in December for Lucy’s Law, to end third party puppy sales in pet shops and via puppy farms which causes such puppy cruelty.   I am delighted that the Secretary of State has since got back to me to confirm that he is publishing his response to this much needed legislation later this summer.  

A significant issue that rocked Westminster in recent weeks has been allegations of Antisemitism within the Labour Party voiced by its own MPs.  This is an issue that must be dealt with via strong political leadership across all parties.  Antisemitism and any kind of religious or racial intolerance must never be condoned -because that normalises it within politics and then across our society.   

I recall my father telling me years ago about Jewish members of our extended family who lived in Germany, having to escape from Dresden, and the absolute terror felt during these times.  Millions were targeted, ostracised politically, harassed and victimised with the final aim of extermination because of baseless discrimination.    Others knew what was happening but did not speak out, complicit by their lack of action.   

Our UK Armed Forces and allies went on to fight to liberate Europe and the world from Nazism where many local constituents’ family members gave their lives to save our democracy.  When we are remembering their sacrifice, we must also recognise their expectation that we learn clear lessons from the past, manifesting in zero tolerance to antisemitism and discriminatory hatred of all kinds. 

After a short break in the canaries with my children, I came home this weekend, and was privileged to be invited to the Peace Tree in East Kilbride to say a few words in remembrance for those who died at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  We all aim for a world without nuclear weapons and the destruction of human life and must work together to achieve this.  The peace tree is a gentle reminder of all that is good and sacrosanct about humanity and that we should never take for granted.

Over the recess, I am delighted to be out and about across the constituency, meeting with local organisations, constituents,

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