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Strathaven Echoes Column 20/08/18


I have been extremely busy this summer recess with enquiries to my local Avondale constituency office in Waterside Street. We are delighted to hear from you so please remember that you don’t need an appointment and that the office is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm to assist.  You can pop in and speak to staff directly about any constituency issue that is causing concern or email me on

This weekend, I was delighted to visit Strathaven Bowling Club to hear about the fantastic community work that they do in relation to fundraising and providing lunches for older adults who live locally.  Bowling clubs such as Strathaven and Avondale are much loved and provide so much more than excellence in Scottish sports.   They contribute to the social fabric of our communities, improve health and wellbeing and reduce isolation.  I particularly wish to commend their work and pledge that I will do all I can as MP to support their endeavours.

On a less positive note, I have been irate this last month with the attitude of Scottish Power Energy Networks in relation to the devastating impact that their road closures has had upon small local businesses trying to make ends meet and the lack of effort made in reparation.  In some cases, local staff hours have had to be cut, which impacts upon residents with individual and family commitments and their ability to pay bills; and I have even been told that some businesses may go under.  This is just not good enough and I will be raising it on the floor of the House of Commons as soon as I return from recess, as big corporates must take full responsibility for their actions.

Pubs form an integral part of rural life, in that they are a hub of social activity, and I was delighted to meet with the owners of the Glassford Inn to speak about its’ central place within our village.  They have owned the pub for over 40 years and put so much effort into keeping it going.  Changes in legislation have put pressures upon small local inns like Glassford and I will do all I can to ensure that they are sustainable. 

This week, I am going down to 10 Downing Street to meet with the Prime Minister and Secretary of State Michael Gove regarding the campaign I launched in Parliament last December for Lucy’s Law -to ban third party sales of puppies through pet shops and via callous puppy farmers.  Following from my Early Day Motion which gained the support of almost 100 cross party MPs and a successful Petitions Debate, where 100,000 signatures from members of the public were gathered in less than two weeks, a consultation on this legislation was undertaken.  I have been invited to the outcome announcement this week and am very hopeful that we will see Lucy’s Law make it into statute.  Lucy’s Law is desperately needed to the ensure welfare of puppies and their mothers and to reduce trafficking of sickly underage puppies from the EU. Paws crossed we make it happen!

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